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Nowhere near as sinister or intimidating as its fictional namesake, Walter White is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Created by the UK-based Mephisto Genetics, Walter White is an attempt to improve on the high resin production of The White by crossing it with an unspecified sativa. What results is a tasty bud with buzzy, heady effects. Its THC levels have been measured at between 15% and 21%.

Walter White is marked by large, chunky flowers that have surprisingly irregular forms. These exceptional buds look more like fluffy clouds than like any of the more conventional botanical shapes like spheres or spades. The seafoam green leaves are clustered densely together and are twisted through with hairy, dark brown pistils. True to their name, Walter White’s buds are also coated in an exceptionally high volume of translucent white trichomes, making their leaves appear very pale from a distance.


Common Usage:
Nausea, Depression, Pain, Loss of Appetite, ADD/ADHD

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Walter White by Mephisto Genetics is a hybrid cross created out of fascination. After seeing a glittering cut of The White, Mephisto Genetics set out to build something special off the brilliant trichome production of that particular plant. By breeding The White with a mysterious autoflowering sativa, Mephisto Genetic created Walter White, a tasty bud with buzzy, heady effects and one of the most potent strains on their roster.

Like many other strong sativas, Walter White hits quickly, exerting a pressure around the eyes and temples. Many smokers also note a flushing in their cheeks and an increase in salivation. Within short order, though, these odd sensations morph into an upbeat and active mental stimulation. Thoughts may flow in a freely-associative monologue and may occupy more of the consumer’s attention than they otherwise might. Such unyielding focus makes this strain a good way to accomplish a mountain of work, whether you’re executing complex analytical tasks or simply running some errands. Walter White can also lift mental inhibitions, thereby facilitating creativity for any freewheeling, open-ended projects. Luckily, this bud’s stimulation tends to be more grounded and calm than that of many other sativas, allowing users to carry on lucid conversations and move about their daily agendas as usual. Walter White may be especially welcome in social situations, where it can break the ice, sparking conversations and camaraderie among like-minded companions. While the high’s latter half comes with a subtle physical relaxation, this body high is not nearly strong enough to couchlock smokers or to derail their built-up motivation. As such, Walter White is best enjoyed as a wake-and-bake treat or an afternoon pick-me-up. If consumed before bed, it’s likely to keep smokers wide awake.

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