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Whether you prefer to smoke or vape with your pals, there’s a weed-friendly activity for everyone. That’s why some of the most popular cannabis get-togethers are taking off like wildfire. Whether you’re partial to lounging around in your pajamas and watching movies together, playing board games, or even throwing a themed pool party, these activities allow people of all ages and personalities to connect. To help you throw an epic stoner soiree of your own, read on for our guide on how to throw the best cannabis party ever.

What to eat at your party

While cannabis has its own special foods, most standard pot-loving parties will focus on snacks and finger foods. You’ll want to serve something that’s easy to eat and doesn’t require utensils. Some popular cannabis-friendly snacks include:

  • Edibles – These are candies, smoothies, and other foods that contain cannabinoids such as THC.
  • Cheesecakes, brownies, and other baked goods – These can be made with cannabis-infused oil. Although they’re not made with cannabinoids, they are infused with some of the strong smells and flavors that cannabis can produce.
  • Crackers, chips, and other snacks – These are easily portable and don’t require utensils to eat.

Choose the right bud

When it comes to picking the right cannabis for your soiree, you’ll want to first consider your friends’ preferences. After that, you’ll want to explore your options to find the best product for your occasion. Some factors you’ll want to consider when picking the right bud include:

  • Your friends’ preferences – If one of your friends smokes a lot of weed, you can choose a different strain for your party. If another friend doesn’t drink or vape much cannabis, you can also select a more mellow strain.
  • The occasion – Certain occasions are better suited for certain types of cannabis. If you’re throwing a pot-themed party for your wedding anniversary, for example, you’d choose a strain that’s more appropriate for that event.
  • The environment – Outdoor cannabis parties are more fun and engaging compared to indoor events due to outdoor’s mellow vibes and increased cannabis smells.
  • Other factors – Budget, availability, and personal preferences can also play a role in your choice.

Get your game on with games and activities

When you want to throw a stoner party, why not pair it with games and activities? Not only are these types of events ideal for connecting with your friends, but they can also be immensely fun. Host a game night or incorporate a bingo or trivia night into your plans. You can also throw a pot-themed party dance party where guests can get down to some music while high. This not only allows you to connect with your fellow cannabis lovers, but it can also be a lot of fun for the whole group.

Plan for safety

Before hosting your shindig, take a moment to think about how to keep everyone safe. You don’t want anyone to get hurt while they’re under the influence of cannabis.  Make sure to educate your guests on how to be safe and which activities are best to avoid while high. That way, everyone can enjoy their time together with minimal risks. Make sure to have a designated driver or car service for guests who are too intoxicated to drive home safely. Another good idea is to set a curfew or length of time your guests can stay at your party before they must leave. That way, you can keep your friends and family safe while they’re enjoying themselves.


Whether you’re looking for a low-key get-together with your buds, a more extravagant event with friends, or a birthday party for a younger crowd, there’s no denying the sheer joy and companionship that cannabis can bring. Hosting a weed-friendly party can be a lot of fun and a great way to socialize with friends and family members. All you have to do is choose the right activities and products, and you’re good to go! The right cannabis products, activities, and snacks will allow you to experience a new level of comfort, relaxation, and happiness that you may not have felt before. So, don’t hesitate any longer. Get your cannabis soiree on!  Visit Budcargo.net online dispensary for all your cannabis needs.