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Cookie Monster is an indica-dominant strain that blends the rock solid lineage of two famous strains. Not to be confused with genetically similar “Monster Cookies”, Cookie monster features a cross between popular Girl Scout cookies and OG Kush; it delivers long lasting relaxation as well has therapeutic effects due its high concentration levels for THC (14% – 23%).

When it comes to flowers, there’s no such thing as too small. Even the tiniest of plants can pack a powerful punch and with Cookie Monster in flower form you’ll be sure not miss any beats! The buds are only medium size but boast an impressive color palette; they range from vibrant oranges pistils through softer shades like green leaves or dark blues adding some variety for those who prefer it less jarring than most strains do.

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Cookie Monster is a physical body high, but it’s also powerful and cerebral. The strain takes top honors as one of America’s best Indicas in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup!

Cookie Monster is a cross between two well-known strains that are among the most popular in their respective genres

The award-winning strain, GSC is known for its euphoric and relaxing effects. One of the parent strains this hybrid has in common with Girl Scout Cookies is an intense high that takes stress away from your life!

As with all marijuana strains, Cookie Monster has its roots in the best genes. It’s not an ordinary pot plant but one that can deliver just like it promises-with no flaws to be found!

Cookie Monster has a very misleading appearance. The onset of the effects are not what one would expect, but instead it delivers on happy feelings with mild buzzes that make users feel happier than euphoric Sativa highs do. It also makes them tingle all over just like other strains in this family tree often do!

With a high like this, it’s hard to fight the urge of relaxation. In fact that is what users would want anyway as their whole body now feels relaxed with THC at 24%.

The calming and soothing effects of this plant make it an excellent preparation for bedtime. It doesn’t just help you relax, but also helps prepare your body to finally go into free-fall mode– slowing down the mind so that we can get some sleep!

Cookie Monster’s lineage is a surprise, and it may come as such that most people find the scent appealing; however those who are not fans of menthol or mint will likely dislike Cookie monster.

A sweet and skunky flavor that is enhanced by wood, mint, or vanilla is found in Cookie Monster cannabis. Most people especially enjoy this unique taste with its refreshing fragrance for which many say they can’t get enough!

Cookie Monster may be helpful for those dealing with depression and PTSD. People who use it to help them sleep or relax might also find this strain beneficial because of how physically high its effects can make you feel.

The medical benefits include feelings of relaxation which are perfect if your mind has been filled up with stress all day long!

The sedative-like effects of Cookie Monster can help in easing the symptoms for patients with illnesses that are making them suffer. To this end, it’s useful to those who need relief from pains or other maladies

In most cases, there are also people who will feel a little sleepy after using Cookie Monster. This is because of the way it works in your body and helps you fall asleep fast when needed! Because this strain isn’t for use during busy times or days where things need done; just take some time out each night to relax with our product so we can help get through those hard tasks together.

In fact – many users report feeling more tired than usual following their session vaping cookie monster due its powerful sedative effects which enable them sleep well at night.


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