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The Donkey Butter strain from Exotic Genetix is a cross between their own Grease Monkey and Triple O’s “OG.” The indica-heavy hybrid has been designed to offer consumers an earthy, dank aroma that they might not be able to get past but it’s also very popular for its relaxing high which can range anywhere from 14% – 27% THC.

The Donkey Butter Bud is a strain with medium to large flowers that hold together in solid, conical shapes. The internal structure of these buds has the dense composition more typical of indicas and adorned by wide leaves which are deep green color on most plants but can be any varieties from light green through dark shades like forest or even purple when grown carefully! These beautiful cannabis blooms also feature corkscrewed orange pistils as well as snowy trichomes making them highly photogenic for lovers alike!.

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Donkey Butter has a gamey, earthy scent with woodsy undertones. The second sniff may pick up on some pine-like notes as well and breaking apart or grinding these dense flowers can reveal more of an intense gasoline odor which is passed down from grandparent strain Gorilla Glue. When it’s burnt in pipes or joints, Donkey Butters’ acrid smoke gives off harsh fumes that are difficult on your lungs but have been known to give those who enjoy them an unexpected burst of flavor upon exhale!

As with many other mostly indica strains, Donkey Butter has a high that mounts slowly. Although it takes several minutes for users to feel its effect and notice anything unusual about their feelings or thoughts, those who smoke the strain experience an increased level of concentration as well as creativity around work once those unfamiliar ticks die down.

Donkey Butter’s body high begins to set in about an hour or sooner, if intake is increased. Smokers who are out and about may suddenly feel weighed down and sleepy while those who are already lounging can begin feeling as if they’re sinking into furniture after around the halfway mark has passed due its eventual descent of sedation, Donkey Butter is recommended for afternoon through evening consumption.

The Donkey Butter strain is perfect for medical cannabis patients with a variety of symptoms. The slow-moving effects are great at providing temporary relief from stress, anxiety and even PTSD while its happy mood can also help in treating depression or pain due to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or COPD. Additionally you might find that this indica dominant hybrid helps stimulate your appetite when dealing with digestive issues as well! In high enough doses and totally relaxed circumstances, Donkey Butter may even be an antidote for insomnia. Because it’s a relatively low risk of disordered or Paranoid thinking this strain is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or have low tolerance to THC.

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