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Red Congolese is a beautiful, rare strain that’s been gaining popularity over the last few years. The original breeder of this cannabis has yet to be discovered but it still managed to take home 3rd Place at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2013! This indica-dominant plant features some Afghani Landrace DNA mixed with Mexican Sativa and Congolese Feminized seeds for added uniqueness, cementing its popularity in the cannabis history.

Even though it’s not the typical color red, Red Congolese bud still looks beautiful. The minty green leaves are often accented with deep purples and oranges as well as covered in white trichomes to create an otherworldly feel. When you pull these babies out of their package they leave behind some sticky resin on your fingers which will make anyone who tries them crave for more! When Red Congolese is opened, a mushroom cloud of dank aroma fills the room. Keen observers have noted intense scents of cheese and fruit in addition to spice or berry coming from this bud with an infamous red coloration often seen on dried marijuana flowers sold at dispensaries throughout Canada. The flavor itself has been described as fruity-cheesy with hints of spiciness, similar flavors can be found when smoking pot after eating fruits like strawberries but without being too overwhelming if you’re not used it before–a perfect pairing!

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Red Congolese may have originated in Africa, but it’s now known by its more colorful cousin–the Red indica landrace. This variety has adapted over time to live up its name and create an interesting profile of effects that are perfect for treating anxiety or pain while promoting focus with lightheadedness at the same time!

Red Congolese is a great strain to have during your day, as it will get you started and keep your mental focus throughout. Lab tests from this marijuana type show that its THC level falls between 18-21%. This makes Red Congo perfect for medical or recreational users looking for an uplifting high with physical effects!

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10 reviews for Red Congolese AAAA+

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  1. davidshaver963 (verified owner)

    A little drier than I would have liked but this is some great weed ….. Nice mellow buzz , I’ve always wanted to try this strain and would buy it again for sure ….

  2. Emily Verrecchia (verified owner)

    AMAZING flavor, smells very earthy and strong but sweet right at the end. More of a body high but hits you very quickly! I suggest this for a night time, chill out kind of smoke!

  3. Lionel Samson (verified owner)

    Another good indica to chill with, and loving the smell.

  4. Peter Febbie (verified owner)

    Nice relaxed high. Fairly dense buds. Great smell and taste

  5. Ederson Matthew (verified owner)

    Best tasting bud I’ve ever smoked

  6. Joshua Clever (verified owner)

    Buds are amazing, the taste is there, the high is there. Just great quality strain.

  7. Silas Edge (verified owner)

    This is a great strain, Taste is great and very potent. I usually have this in every one of my orders!

  8. Z Wynn (verified owner)

    Great evening smoke. Smooth, euphoric and strong. It will sit you down and have you thinking about life while laughing at nothing. Great for stress, decompressing, and deep thought but don’t expect to get much done. LOL

  9. ladys moker (verified owner)

    I love this product !!!

  10. Dana Hogan (verified owner)

    it tastes like berries!! and GOODBYE INSOMNIA!!!! love this so much

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