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Gelato is a hybrid crossed from taste-engineered parents. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity indica Sunset Sherbert, with balanced high that’s universally appealing flavor profile makes it great for social use – San Francisco creators Cookie Fam Genetics have released multiple numbered phenotypes of Gelato – #33 has picked up the nickname Larry Bird in reference to his jersey number! This strain carries THC content ranging 20% all the way up 25%.


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Gelato is a hybrid cross between taste-engineered parents. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity indica Sunset Sherbert, with the latter being bred for its appealing flavor profile that can be enjoyed by those at any level of experience, as long as they’re looking to socialize – this strain has been given several nicknames including “Larry Bird” in reference to renowned NBA player Larry.

Gelato’s buds tend to be small but they have the thick and dense structure characteristic of many indica varieties. These cannabis plants are bright orange with green leaves that stand out against shades of deep purple– an effect caused by high concentrations pigments called anthocyanins which stimulate in cold weather during vegetation stage. Although these sticky pistils can make for a less frosty appearance than some other strains, it’s not due entirely on short stalks (trichomes) as well! Gelato is a potent and creamy strain with notes of pungent citrus. Those who enjoy its strong flavor should grind up or break apart the flowers for an even stronger herbal earthy profile that will keep you coughing all night long! It’s thick smoke can be discreet if taken properly, but those looking to share should take necessary precautions such as holding their lit Zig Zag cigarette away from any clothing they want preserved in pristine condition.

Gelato is known to hit users quickly, sometimes taking effect before they’ve had a chance to even exhale. The most striking effect is an altered sense of perception and confusion that forces smokers into adapting their surroundings; it’s met by an intense body buzz which discourages much activity but still leaves you mobile so not couch locked- this makes Gelato great for daytime or early evening use! Gelato is a great choice for those seeking relief from their anxiety, depression and PTSD. It has an uplifting effect that will make you feel carefree while still offering the medicinal benefits of cannabis without any intense cerebral effects like paranoia or intoxication. Experts recommend using caution with this strain as it can be potent even among experienced users; newcomers should start off slow to see how they react before getting more into trouble than needed!

Gelato is a delicious and refreshing strain that will make you feel like taking in some rays. The aroma has all the fruity appeal of Sunset Sherbert with earthy undertones, just like Thin Mints do! This hybrid falls into an emerging category on west coast craft hybrids focused mainly around taste; it also carries multiple desirable traits from its heavily crossbred lineage making these cloudy visuals stand out even more than before–the perfect blend for chatty socializing or solo introspection (depending).

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