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The sweet peach and pungent limey spice of Honey Badger Haze brings to mind the natural cure-alls that herbalists prescribe for inflammation and mental boosts. This strain brings those benefits to bear on cannabis users with medicinal effects that go beyond the normal rest and relaxation of the average bud. The super rare Honey Badger Haze, bred from a mystifyingly sexy combo between C99, White Widow, and Ms. Universe #10, helps people find their creativity, their center, and their health.

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The main draw to this extremely rare strain is its medicinal properties. Those who have suffered accidents or who deal daily with chronic ailments related to MS, inflammation, or spinal trauma, can find some solace in Honey Badger Haze. A doctor’s guidance is recommended since everyone’s body reacts to substances differently. For many users, Honey Badger Haze has helped alleviate pain associated with spinal cord injuries and other trauma, muscle spasms and tremors, or other chronic inflammation conditions. As a potent anti-inflammatory, Honey Badger Haze can burrow its way into your brain and help you rediscover your body’s natural painless state.

The Honey Badger’s taste explodes in spicy sweetness, with an overwhelming tone of peach flavors and a honey-lime exhale. The strain’s aroma relishes the scent of spicy earth, hard sugar, and accents of citrus brightness. The effects follow suit from these luxurious flavors to provide a mental high that produces a feeling of uplifting happiness, even when it has physical injuries to contend with.

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