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The team at DNA Genetics wanted to see what kind of a strain could result when two incredible parents crossed paths. After breeding Blueberry with OG Kush, they ended up getting something special: KushBerry! The indica-dominant bud offers great effects and while it’s suited for recreational use, most individuals turn to this strain medicinally.

The most consistent experience is waiting for you with an average of 22% THC and nugs that are quite large. They’re covered in very wiry pistils, dusted with a delicious looking layer of white trichomes! Upon lighting up you’ll be enveloped with a scent that blends citrus, earth and wood. While these elements carry through to her flavor as well; there is also an underlying note of flowers which lingers on your taste buds after each puff.

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Kush Berry is also popularly referred to as Berry Kush.

Kush Berry is a 100% indica dominant strain with THC content that offers users quite the high. The powerful effects are due in part to its combination of OG Kush and Blueberry ancestors, which produces large buds covered with dark green hues.

The buds are a good looking strain and will catch your eye immediately.

The smell is very earthy and woodsy with citrus undertones. But the taste is out of this world, it has a floral note that can’t help but fill up your senses in aromatic bliss!

The strain offers something for everyone. It’s a medicinal marijuana that will make you feel great and get rid of your stress, pain or sleeping disorders in an instant – but it also works wonders on patients with different issues such as depression!


2 reviews for Kushberry – Oz Deal

  1. Jay Amero (verified owner)

    Got this today great price good smoke thanks

  2. AD979 (verified owner)

    Doesn’t taste like Kush or Blueberry. Burns nice and will make the outside of your joint sticky when smoked. Not the craziest of high’s, but between nice taste and a sticky smoke maybe this one affects you more than just what a thc percentage leads you to believe?

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