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Original Cheese is a classic indica-dominant strain that has become popular due to its unusual fragrant characteristics.

Dubbed the “stinky socks” of strains, this plant has gained notoriety for being a solid relaxant and a reliable high-yielding strain to growers.

It is known for being a potent mood-elevator that can leave you in stitches over something you can’t even remember.

This notoriously stinky strain is renowned for its unique sour-cheesy aroma.

Original Cheese was reportedly created in the 1980’s, when a Skunk #1 phenotype was merged with Afghani indica genetics, resulting in one of the most pungent strains available today.

Original Cheese is a well-known hybrid that is uniquely flavored, and is popular for being a smooth indica-dominant chill-out strain.

This plant boasts of above-average THC levels and a strangely enjoyable musky flavor, that is both intriguing and enticing.

This strain’s indica roots make sure that every punch is a knockout.

Cheese is a potent stress-reliever, leaving you relaxed and calm after just a few puffs.

Afterwards, you will feel a strong urge to smile and giggle, and a wave of happiness will surround you and make you feel uplifted.

Cheese can induce a light feeling of euphoria, being a powerful mood-elevator, and you might feel the urge to be creative and feel inspired.

Often, because of it being indica dominant, you may feel slightly lethargic and tired and in some cases even succumb to a heavy couch lock.

This indica is certain to increase appetite and have you combing through your pantry for something snackable.

This strain’s scent can only be described as extreme. Cheese is so poignantly named due to its strong cheesy odor, something that is definitely hard to hard.

It boasts of a hefty earthy whiff that is mixed in with a certain cheddar-cheese like aroma.

Mixed with a little sweetness and herbal, this strain is guaranteed to be noticed once it enters a room.

Cheese definitely also reminds you of what it’s named after, when you smoke it.

This indica tastes quite buttery and pleasant, and if you can appreciate the taste of cheese, or even favor it, then you will absolutely fall for this strain.

It tastes creamy and sweet and at the same time will create a skunky flavor in the smoke that will stick to your tongue long after you have exhaled.

Because Cheese is a mood-elevating indica, it is often used by patients who struggle to regulate their stress levels that come from having a fast-paced high-pressure lifestyle.

This strain is particularly successful and helping manage those feelings of nervousness and can help ease the negative thoughts you may have.

It is a great strain for the management of pain. Because it is so good at relaxing and unwinding, it is thought of as a suitable strain to smoke if you have any chronic pains that need to be addressed.

This indica can help soothe the minor aches and and will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud after only a few puffs.

Mood disorders have also been known to successfully be treated with this strain.

Cheese can help regulate feelings of hopelessness and anxiety, with a sudden influx of happiness and a general euphoric state.

Because of its penchant for inducing the munchies, Cheese may also be used to treat a lack of appetite that may stem from cancer treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy.

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15 reviews for Original Cheese – Oz Deal (AA)

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  1. Danica D (verified owner)

    Pretty good bud, will buy again

  2. Jessie Roberts (verified owner)

    Great stuff up there with the best of buds. What surprised me is that it’s supposed to be indica but the buds are darker and very dense

  3. Corrine Davila (verified owner)

    Really good for stressful days or when you just want to unwind .

  4. Joshua Lewis (verified owner)

    nice chilling high and good vibe, not so strong with taste but im okay with it cuz i got buzzed real nice lol

  5. Leo Lopez (verified owner)

    I personally really enjoyed this strain.

  6. Brent Dudley (verified owner)

    One of my all time favourite strains

  7. Alessandro Santos (verified owner)

    Very good for evening smoke.

  8. William Jones (verified owner)

    Good quality. I would have gave 5 stars

  9. Nina (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  10. Top Dej (verified owner)

    smell really good if you like hybrid you might want try this one

  11. Megna Kaur (verified owner)

    Really love that strain for the day u can still do it all

  12. Michael Kim (verified owner)

    A smooth flavour, didn’t linger too much and was clean finish on the palate. I would say it’s a bit of a creeper. Didn’t feel the high right away, but after I finished smoking, I had an unstoppable grin for the rest of the evening. Great price too! Would buy again!

  13. Howard T (verified owner)

    super strong strain, if your a novice take this in small doses. GREAT FOR DEPRESSION AND STRESS! Almost has a bit of a cheddar smell, similar to the cheese strains.

  14. Frank Castle (verified owner)

    Helps with my insomnia greatly . Another quality strain from BC

  15. Chronic77 (verified owner)

    Another great strain for an incredible price. Clean ash and smooth on the throat. Enjoyed this for an evening time smoke.

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