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Snowcap is said to have originated in California, a hybrid bred out of the mix of Humboldt Snow and Haze, creating a mysterious blend that often leans more on the sativa side.

This strain has a special lemon flavor that comes with a soothing shock of mint, making for a uniquely enjoyable smoke.

This West Coast strain has become a legend in its own right, most notably garnering fans due to its strong cerebral effects.

Snowcap can clock in at 4% for its CBD levels, making it a highly recommendable strain to be used for the treatment of a long list of medical illnesses.

This well-balanced hybrid creates a strong cerebral buzz that will instantly make you feel happy and burst out in laughter.

Snowcap is a mysterious strain that induce undeniable feelings of being uplifted and elated, making you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Snowcap produced a blissful mood in anyone who is looking for a good time.

This strain can feel like a bit of a brain massage, and is highly recommended as a morning strain.

This hybrid will make you feel euphoric and inspired to become productive and get something done with your day.

This hybrid is perfect for creative minds especially, as it will allow you to come up with new and innovative ideas like no other.

Snowcap will delight you with an extra surge of energy, allowing you to go through your day with a clear head and fueled by your ideas and vigor.

Snowcap smells like a basket of fresh citrus fruits, a smell that is both appetizing and invigorating.

This strain has a sweet menthol aroma that will hang in the air like a beautiful cloud, leaving traces of pine and lemon in the vicinity, even long after this strain has left the room.

This hybrid carries strong notes of sweet pine in its flavors, that become obvious in the inhale of its smoke.

Snowcap also tastes like an earthy lemon, with a strong flavor of menthol in the exhale, a sweet and appetizing taste that will stick to your tongue.

Snowcap is widely prescribed and recommended to patients who suffer with mental health conditions.

This strain can keep you clear-headed, while allowing you to feel relieved of any feelings of stress that may be plaguing you, especially if you tend to suffer from debilitating bouts of chronic stress.

This strain is known to help patients who are long time sufferers of depression, easing their minds and allowing them to find relief.

Snowcap is effective in calming the mind and easing the patient into a more solid and positive state, and encouraging them to stay motivated and strong.

Snowcap can be a powerful ally in the complicated mission of managing pain, alleviating chronic aches such as back pain, muscle spasms and joint pains, and even chronic migraines.

It is known to be anti-inflammatory, and also boosts your energy, leaving helping patients who suffer from chronic fatigue.

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15 reviews for Snowcap – Oz Deal (AAA-)

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  1. Ricky Star (verified owner)

    real smooth, and the effects had me instantly ready for bed.

  2. Amanda (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Nice euphoric high.

  3. Andy Tran (verified owner)

    Great smell taste and price

  4. Kingcanadian902 (verified owner)

    This shit had my ass smacked lol , smooth and good taste

  5. Xavier True (verified owner)

    I am still able to function daily because of the uplifting feeling I get rather than the stuck in the couch feeling.

  6. Leanne Pham (verified owner)

    dank smell and pretty potent very nice for insomnia

  7. Vivan N (verified owner)

    Looks and smells not bad. Smokes good.

  8. Jimmy Perkins (verified owner)

    I also took 40 minutes to state my 10 second review lol.

  9. Katy Pickett (verified owner)

    Very good smell and buzz nice big buds.thanks.

  10. Andreas Wyatt (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my favourite buds! they are tight hard nugs of nothing but pure bud and thc

  11. Christine Mullins (verified owner)

    Nice morning smoke! Love this strain to start the day. Really like the price too!

  12. Googleee (verified owner)

    I been smoking for awhile now and I’m baked, the taste is awesome and when u break the bag open just like opening a bag of fruit loops very yummy highly recommend. Thanks BC for another awesome strain.

  13. Otis Greenaway (verified owner)

    Classic strain with long duration of relaxation

  14. Harriette Humphrey (verified owner)

    Tastes great. Would purchase again if it wasn’t as dry. I’m just a picky one

  15. Tory Macclan (verified owner)

    This strain never lets me down!

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