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Pineapple Express provides a blast of energy, one that promotes focused awareness and creativity. It got this from its parents, Hawaiian and Trainwreck. Some users have even reported so much cerebral energy that they start to feel a little dizzy, but this usually only occurs at large doses.

A 25% THC level on the high end means that even experienced users will probably enjoy a body buzz when they board the Pineapple Express. People who work creatively, especially at home or in their office space might find relief from stress with this strain as it is known for being proficient against writer’s blocks and more importantly anxiety-related symptoms like aches & pains caused by minor ailments which can fade away during your journey stimulated but focused due to its large amount of relaxation agents inside!

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The strain’s funky, citrus taste will make you feel numb as well. Surprisingly though the lack of sweet flavors is offset by an overwhelming pineapple smell and exhale that can be detected in every hit from Pineapple Express. The spices and woody cedar tones may also seem unusual at first but they quickly disappear allowing users to focus on things more easily than before. 

For growers, Pineapple Express is a heavy nug with popcorn shaped flowers that mature in just over 7 weeks. Experienced growers recommend “supercropping” the plants to increase their potency and produce higher yields of cannabinoids like THC or CBD from each harvest; this means using bush-style growing techniques for setting up lights at least 600W as well as topping your crop regularly so it’s dense green while also sporting subtle purple tinting after being grown under such conditions.

Pineapple express is a great strain for anyone who needs to be mentally alert and focused. It pairs well with laid-back tasks like writing or studying, as well as more active pursuits that require clearheadedness such as fishing or yoga! The dry mouth effect isn’t too bad if your main concern about marijuana consumption are the effects on mood—Pineapple Express can help you stay sharp while feeling calm instead of anxious all day long.

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