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Chocolate Kush is the perfect medicine to treat your body and mind. The Indica strain has been known for its ability to melt away stress, which means it’s best not to use this during days with multiple tasks at hand – but if you do have some time later in the evening or on lazy days then we recommend taking it to relax.

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Chocolate Kush, not to be mistaken for Chocolope kush, was born and bred in Spain. It boasts an earthy terpene profile that reminds just about anyone of the country’s sunny villages. However, it’s buildable potency from 14% THC all the way up to  28%.

The breeders, whose expertise lies in developing the purest of Indicas had a wide range of choices to choose from. And what better option is there than Mazar I Sharif and an Afghani strain? The former lent its height with impressive trichome production while the latter  influenced this strong body high that you’ll feel after just one hit!

Chocolate Kush is a powerful strain that melts the mind and body in ways only chocolate can. This means it’s best smoked during nights or on lazy days to help with relaxation, not as part of an everyday routine filled with stressors like Indicas would be for daytime use

Typical of Indica, Chocolate Kush creeps up on its users with a subtle rush of euphoria. Additionally, its effects gradually build up rather than hitting them minutes after the first few puffs.

The onset is almost always unnoticeable until it settles. And, once it does, users will feel completely uplifted with an intense sense of euphoria wrapped around their mind and ignites creativity for new ideas or concepts in the form of flowing thoughts which can turn out to be anything at all!

After about an hour or two, a light pressure dwindles down from the temples. It’s still that same uplifting buzz you felt at first but now it has become soothing and full-blown relaxation with each puff – likely because users who over consume will feel glued to their couch!

As you drift off to dreamland, the feeling of relaxation sinks into your bones and makes even opening the eyes difficult.

Chocolate Kush is a dark and delicious smelling strain. The herbs in this product lend it their signature aroma, but there’s also some chocolate accentuated by the touch of soil that lingers around too!

The taste of this Chocolate Kush is pleasing to the palate and nose, with its rich aftertaste that washes over your mouth on exhale. A woodsy note complements fresh herbal spices for an alluring flavor profile you won’t be able to get enough of!

The Spanish breeders have dedicated time and effort into the quality of their Indicas. It’s no surprise then, that Chocolate Kush contains immense therapeutic value!

Chocolate Kush is a strain of marijuana that relieves the mental burden of stress. It also calms your mind and manages symptoms such as depression, PTSD or anxiety while providing an uplifting high perfect for those times you need some peace in their life!

THC has been found to be an effective pain reliever in high levels. It soothes various aches and pains, beginning from the temples all the way down to your toes! The anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness swelling along with preventing sudden muscular contractions which often result from inflamed areas due its soothing effect on arthritis patients’ joints as well.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects to our health and well-being. It not only repairs cells, but also regenerates them for a more vibrant you! With Chocolate Kush’s sedating properties people have no difficulty going to bed at night after using it in their healing process.

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