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Rockstar Kush, also commonly called “Rockstar OG” by medical patients, is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created through the mating of insanely potent Rockstar x Bubba kush plants.

This powerful bud has a well-balanced but extremely potent high that is powered by an intensely high THC level, usually between 22 and 25%. The feeling starts with uplifted euphoria and then transitions into hazy introspection to relieve any feelings of anxiety or racing thoughts you may have had before consumption.

You can feel your body slowly start to relax as the high spreads throughout you. You’re left with a slight sense of sedation, leading eventually into couch-lock and an intense case of munchies!

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When three exceptional master genetics are combined, the result is a Rockstar. Indeed by crossing these prominent hybrids including a pure landrace Indica and offspring promises to be treated for both recreational users who crave high that’s not overwhelming as well medical cannabis patients looking to alleviate their symptoms with quality medicine at an affordable price point. 

Master Kush is one of the three strains in this lineage. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with full-body relaxation without any numbing effects to cause a foggy mind.

Sensi Star is one of the most popular strains in cannabis. Like Master Kush, it provides deep relaxation and an invigorating cerebral high that will have you feeling at peace with yourself for hours on end!

Finally, to complete the triumvirate that gave birth to Rockstar Kush is an Afghani Indica. For many decades breeders have used these strains in order to generate generations of exceptional hybridized marijuana plants! If there are perfect indicas out there then it’s most likely found within this region.

The perfect storm of three strains considered among the finest in the world. Put them together, and here we are staring at Rockstar Kush!

Leadership is not about brute force. Rather, it’s a soothing sensation that can be delivered with expert precision and subtlety- something the Rockstar Kush has done time after time again for years upon end!

As soon as the warm buzz of an onset begins to come into one’s body, tensions and soreness seem to evaporate. This sets a user at ease even though it may slightly start increasing in intensity over time.

Many people end up feeling euphoric when they are high on this strain. It can make Mr Grinch into a jolly good fellow who loves to laugh and have fun with others!

While it retains some Sativa traits, this strain can be felt more than seen. Users have reported feeling energized or motivated while others experience mental clarity and a positive outlook that leads them into relaxation for an uplifted spirit with an enthusiastic “high”.

The high is gentle and long-lasting, with no sudden onslaught or intense numbing buzz that knocks out people. The effects bring about pure relaxation before drifting off smoothly into sleepiness for those who use it as an aid to help them relax.

This strain is made even more exceptional with its sweet odor to go along with the fresh smell of wood and earth. Minty notes are also present, which enhances this aroma further still!

Where there is a mild minty aroma that accompanies the strain, it’s not just menthol what makes this medicine so smooth and easy on your throat. Not only does its coolness make you feel good but also some of its fruity flavors linger in for an enjoyable experience unlike any other!

Most of the time, people who use Rockstar Kush end up sleeping. For that reason it can be a good choice for those with trouble getting enough sleep!

Mentally, the full-body relaxation it delivers helps clear the mind and wipe out stress. To a certain degree people suffering from depression may find this useful to stop their thoughts of negativity for just one moment so they can go rest in peace without any worries or anxieties weighing them down.


The Indica traits of this strain can also help soothe sore muscles and provide some relief from chronic illnesses.


Most people feel hunger when the effects of cannabis wane. While some are able to force themselves to get up and eat, others simply sleep until they wake starving again – this can also be good if you have trouble with your appetite.


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  1. J3ZA (verified owner)

    This bud was pretty decent, it was dark with lots of orange hairs. you could see little bits of crystal, only downside was i found a piece of blue string on one of the buds but it was still a great OZ

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