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More often than not, strains are named based upon a particular attribute of theirs. In this case the smell is what makes it unique- with its strong taste and odor coming from two different sources: The original OG Kush as well as Black Tuna. Breeders here have kept themselves hidden which I’m sure helps keep things under wraps when you’re trying your best to produce a top quality product!

Tuna OG’s 18% THC level makes it an ideal option for all experience levels. Her buds are quite beautiful with an emerald green color that’s accented by orange hairs and very chunky white trichomes, carrying a strong fishy smell but lacking in flavor except when you take notice of skunk notes present as well floral hints near the end.

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More often than not, strains are named based upon a particular attribute of theirs. It could be the color or flavor but in this case it’s definitely smell–the lovechild between OG Kush and Black Tuna has an appealing pungent aroma that will make you want to taste test yourself silly! Breeders here have kept themselves hidden for obvious reasons; their strong tastes might just get them into trouble though if word gets out about these potent plants.

Tuna OG is a potent strain with an aroma that might make you choke. Her buds are beautiful and they carry 18% THC, making it perfect for all experience levels. The stems of these plants hold many skunky earthy floral notes which will not overwhelm but instead complement your senses when vaping this tasty treat!

The high that Tuna OG brings is hard to tame. Users feel incredibly happy and giggly, with some noticing an increase in arousal. Your thoughts will begin wandering into a dreamlike state as the effects take hold of you – before long this mellow attitude transforms into one where physicality takes over; tingles race across your skin while staying on the couch for more time than necessary seems like paradise!

Medical ailments are no match for the power of Tuna OG, and even though THC levels aren’t massive, this bud is great for dealing with a range of issues. People often turn to this strain to help alleviate stress and depression as it helps bring about euphoria without any negative side-effects or feelings that would distract them from their problems at hand. Generalized pain can also be relieved by using medical marijuana; specific conditions such as muscle spasms may need higher doses.

Tuna OG is actually an awesome strain if you’re interested in a high that brings the most balanced effects. Ride her wave of joy and energy before she takes you down into relaxation, knowing taste isn’t permanent!

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