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An indica-dominant F1 hybrid, Nirvana’s White Castle is a tantalizing mixture of the world renowned White Widow and Nirvana’s strain Ice. With two award winning parents White Castle has a lot to live up to, and by many user’s accounts, it has done just that.

The main issue with the lineage of this strain is with the White Widow mother and it’s lack of strength in plant structure. However, this has been compensated for by the male it was crossed with – which is known for extremely strong branches and overall plant structure.


Common Usage:
Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Appetite

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White Castle is a well-balanced strain, making it perfect for treating a number of hard-to-treat illnesses, but it’s particularly good at treating insomnia. Both of its parents have won awards in their own right, and this indica-dominant (60/40 split) F1 hybrid, therefore, has a lot to live up to. It’s like being a prince to two of the best rulers known to man, and White Castle tries its hardest to live up to the hype of its parents.

White Castle, as previously mentioned, was created by legendary breeders Nirvana Seeds. They crossed two award-winning strains together, and the end result is named after the fast-food chain in America. It was perhaps a reference to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which is a legendary stoner film. For some White Castle isn’t overly potent, but for others this is just right and will give them the effects they want, without completely zonking anyone out. The two Nirvana Seeds strains that were bred together to create White Castle were: White Ice Weed Strain and Nirvana White Widow.

White Castle has a very pleasant taste. This makes up for its slight lack of potency, and should definitely be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer. The main reason for this is that the flavor is vastly improved when you use a flower vape, especially compared to rolling a strain up and smoking it. This is especially true for strains that are a bit older like White Castle. For example, you can roll up a strain like Girl Scout Cookies and it will still taste great. But a strain like White Castle should be ground up and stuck inside a flower vape. The full taste profile of the White Castle strain is: Lemon, Earthy, Pungent.



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3 reviews for White Castle – Oz Deal (popcorn)

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  3. Jamus Piquedelapique (verified owner)

    Never heard if this weed before but worth a shot if price was a bit lower
    Nice high tho flavor a bit faded

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