The Health Benefits of Cannabis and Its Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. In ancient India and even earlier, people have used cannabis to treat a variety of ailments. Research has shown that cannabis can relieve inflammation, relax muscles, and help with pain management. It can also help with sleep issues, nausea, and coping with stress. These […]

weed addiction

Signs You Are Addicted to Marijuana – How To Tell

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about marijuana even when you don’t feel like it? If you’re like many other people, you might have found yourself wondering if there was something wrong with you. The truth is, most people think about marijuana from time to time. It’s just human nature to think about things you […]

How Weed Can Help With Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating, global disease that affects the ability of the brain to think and feel. To date, there is no major drug that possesses all the elements necessary to save those who have the disease. That’s why cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment for Parkinson’s.  Let’s take a look […]

The Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep and Insomnia

Insomniacs, this list of sleepy cannabis strains is for you. You’re tired, but your eyes just won’t close. You toss and turn until you’ve tried every humanly possible position. You wake up clouded, lethargic, and irritable. Insomnia is the worst, but luckily cannabis is shown to be an effective and safe sleep aid for many people. It can slow […]

Guide to Using Cannabis for Cancer

The cannabis plant contains a number of compounds with research-backed benefits for cancer patients. The science-based case that it is a safe and effective medicine will be made below, with plenty of links to double-blind studies, authoritative sources, and leading experts. The takeaway being that the plant and preparations derived from it can provide relief […]

What Types of Pain Can CBD Treat?

Pain, when used as an umbrella term, is more vast than the Pacific Ocean. Using CBD to treat pain can be effective only under the pretense that the type of pain is well-understood and properly diagnosed. Most of us have crossed paths with the loud, piercing, cuss-worthy persona of acute pain: an elbow dings the edge of […]

Women’s sexual health and cannabis

As reported on the Daily Hive, the interest in the effects of cannabis on health is nothing new, particularly seeing how marijuana and CBD affect women’s sexual health. Read on to learn about a sexual health forum recently held in Toronto. As reported on the Daily Hive, February 8, 2019, by Daily Hive Staff: There are […]