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Bubble Gum is a type of Indica that’s been dominating the cannabis scene since 1993. It was created by TH Seeds and has won four High Times Cannabis Cups in total, making it one of their most successful entries to date! This powerful strain produces an euphoria so strong you’ll feel happier than ever before while feeling happy enough not wanting to move from your couch for hours on end!

The strain has also granted users an increase in creative juices along with its lazy Indica properties. Users can expect the usual negative effects when using Bubble Gum – dry mouth and eyes, dizziness and some paranoia. However there are a few that experience headaches from this powerful combination of indicas!

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The Bubble Gum cannabis hybrid is a near perfect balance of both sativa and indica genetics that knows how to provide the user with an energetic high of the sativa and mellowing low of the indica . The inbreeding process took many generations for this strain’s creation, but it exists today thanks to its perceptual stability through selective breeding practices over time.

A genetic composition of 50% indica and 50% sativa, this marijuana offers something for lovers of both ends. The Bubble Gum strain sports an impressive THC content with ranges typically around 15-20%. It’s most notorious for its out there flavor that can be compared to classic bubblegum sweets as well as it’s stoney high making it perfect medicine when needed after dinner or before work!

Bubble Gum has an incredible ability to make the mouth water and stimulate senses. The aroma is immediately sweet, overwhelming any room with its candy like scent that leaves its mark on whatever surfaces Bubblegum comes into contact with – somewhat similar to more natural vape juices available today; however aspects of this delightfully fragrant plant are also reminiscent flowers and earth providing a more natural smell.

The flavor of Bubble Gum is equally, if not more pleasant as the aroma. It tastes essentially like a piece of bubblegum — sweet and fruity with notes from cream to berries fill you taste buds while making your mouth water with every smoke. The sweetness lingers on your tongue and continues to impress your senses.

Appearance wise, the buds of this marijuana strain are classic looking with dark green forest nuggets that are thick and densely packed mixed in shades from brassy orange pistils to a light brown stem. They’re well coated in trichomes which signify potency when smoked as they reflect THC crystals frost on top giving it an extra layer of beauty during this changing season!

Bubble Gum is a cannabis strain that will melt you into an euphoric and relaxed state of mind. It’s one best consumed when creativity or ambition needs to flow, as well as moments where socializing with friends are happening–especially if they’re small groups! This type of weed can also be enjoyed later in the evening after work; just make sure not to consume it before bedtime because this stuff lasts long.

BubbleGum is known for its happiness and joyous bliss, which causes an immense uplift in mood. The effects are well balanced with a serious case of giggles from this cannabi

The medical cannabis community greatly relies on the BubbleGum marijuana strain for assistance, because it is so capable of bringing relief and healing to a number of conditions. Primarily this medicinal crop serves as pain diminisher with mood boosting properties such chronic back pains muscle spasms migraines headaches stress body tension menstrual cramps etc., but some users may require more than just one dose in order to experience full benefits from their condition while others will get better faster after they start taking Bubble Gum. 

Edibles, concentrates and tinctures are all alternative methods to smoking that can provide higher doses with less of the actual act necessary. Mood disorders such as insomnia benefit from Bubble Gum particularly when it comes to depression or anxiety but users should be more cautious about how much they take if using this strain because then there is an increased risk for unpleasant feelings like paranoia which could arise during use.

It is vital to start slow, know your boundaries and build the quantity from there if you think you are ready.


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