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Fruit Punch is a predominantly sativa hybrid with a uniquely fruity flavor profile that might remind you of the sugary soft drinks of your youth. It was created by European company Heavyweight Seeds, the same people who have given us taste-focused strains like Lemon Cake and Green Ninja. Genetically, Fruit Punch offers something for everyone — it is a cross between HazeSkunk #1, and Northern Lights. These three powerhouse strains combine to yield a bold, long-lasting bud with strong cerebral effects. The hybrid’s potency has been measured at between 17% and 25% THC.

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8 reviews for Fruit Punch – Oz Deal (AA)

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  1. Chronic77 (verified owner)

    Love the flavour and great day time smoke. Sets you at ease with a light fuzzy heady mood. Allowed me to be productive and get shit done.

  2. George Dan (verified owner)

    Great for insomnia, anxiety and depression .

  3. Thomas Thaw (verified owner)

    Damned useful for pain and insomnia. I’m a serious, chronic pain patient and I can definitely tell the difference. Recommended!

  4. Millie-Mae Francis (verified owner)

    Good strain. Flavor was awesome

  5. Ashley Cole (verified owner)

    The high was very intense and long lasting. I would recommend.

  6. Daniel Alvares (verified owner)

    Smooth, sweet and potent. Very balanced and perfect buzz.

  7. Benze Tiffer (verified owner)

    Awesome pain relief medicine. Top 5 highly recommended. Sweet, smooth and chill.

  8. CannaMama (verified owner)

    Great medicinal use

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