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Phantom OG is an indica-leaning strain that offers a balance of physical and mental stimulation. This bud is the brainchild of prolific growers Barney’s Farm as they combined their love for OG Kush with Phantom Cookies to create this masterpiece, which has won fans all over because of its bright flavor and its unique high.

With a medium to large size and tapered pinecone-like formation, trimmed buds of Phantom OG are marked by an indica appearance. Dense core consists of small closely curled leaves that show off various shades such as green accented with occasional flashes purple in coloration when seen through parted flowers which have ghostly white trichomes caps atop them capped gold yellow pistils.

Phantom OG’s aroma is mostly earthy, with hints of fresh pine needles. It also picks up on some tangy lemon when broken apart or ground open and emits a more aggressive skunky odor when combusted in joints – despite these bold flavors it burns smoothly though! The smoke leaves behind an impression that tastes like artificial wood polish.

The high from Phantom OG tends to creep up on the smoker, sometimes requiring 10 or 15 minutes after consumption before it reveals itself. Initially people may feel an increased blood pressure near their eyes and temples as well as some flushing in cheeks while they wait for this strange sensation to die down with time; but once these unusual feelings dissipate consumers can expect that thought process moving more quickly than usual! Phantom OG may make the smoker more creative and insightful. The effects of this smoke can allow for concentration on complicated or analytical tasks, as well as lifting inhibitions in social settings that lead to lively conversation even with strangers.

After some time, Phantom OG brings on a physical high to balance out its cerebral effects. Relaxation may flow down one’s spine and spread through their core leading consumers towards more ease during breathing sessions as they become more relaxed overall; this can lead smokers who were not at home or occupied with other things before too long into coming back for comfort against sleepiness starting now–although mental clarity is still possible (though less likely) if enough indica content was involved when smoking it initially!

Phantom OG’s combination of mental and physical properties can have several uses for medical cannabis patients. As noted, it’s not just an excellent strain to help with concentration but also mood enhancement due to its effects on mild stress or depression symptoms. Physically speaking this type has pain soothing qualities whether they’re chronic aches and irritations in everyday life such as headaches. This bud’s tendency to induce the munchies can even enhance appetite for patients dealing with diminished hunger due to disease or treatment like chemotherapy. However, because it’s been associated in some cases of paranoia and obsessive behavior onsets from THC use without appropriate preparation on your part–the wrong set and setting- Phantom OG isn’t recommended!

Phantom OG is a must-try for indica and sativa lovers alike. This strain offers long lasting relaxation, with its woody lemon-tinged flavor profile making it appealing to fans of similar strains like Jack Herer.

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