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This musky bud offers up a super high THC average of 21% and an addictive flavor palate that rolls from earthy honey to rich dark berries. The aromas, as mentioned, are super musky with earthy undertones and tart diesel. Blackberry Diesel buds are neon green with a thick carpet of golden hairs and bright white trichomes. The dark purple and green undertones highlight the berry and honey on the tongue.

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Platinum Blackberry is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Platinum OG Kush with the delicious Blackberry Kush strain.

This bud brings on an insanely delicious flavor and gorgeous appearance all wrapped up with a potent heavy high. Platinum Blackberry has a sweet fruity berry flavor accented by hints of savory diesel and spices on each exhale. The aroma is of fresh berries and spicy dank with a pungent earthy overtone that can fill a room with its stench.

Platinum Blackberry buds have lumpy dense popcorn-shaped dark olive green nugs with amber hairs and a coating of frosty white crystal trichomes.

The Platinum Blackberry high will hit you in both mind and body, pulling you into a state of lifted sedation that lasts for hours on end before you finally fall asleep. You’ll feel a tingly onset in the back of your head before it takes ahold of you in your entirety, pulling you down into relaxed sedation. These effects in combination with its super high THC level give Platinum Blackberry an edge in treating conditions such as insomnia, migraines or headaches, hyperactivity, mood swings, and chronic stress.

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4 reviews for Platinum Blackberry

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Cody (verified owner)

    Good strong bud! Smokes and tastes good. Makes u more sleepy then they let on!

  3. houghton930 (verified owner)

    This stuff was really good. It was strong but not heavy and harsh, great looking too

  4. sebastien cloutier (verified owner)

    very good stuff

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