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Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a 100% pure indica strain that’s a cross between the famously tasty and widely popular Blueberry X Grapefruit strains. This bud has a mild THC level ranging from 12-18%, although it tends to remain on the lower side. With a mouth-watering fruity acidic smell and an even more delicious pineapple taste that sweetens upon exhaling, Sweet Deep Grapefruit is everything that its name suggests and more. Its full-body sedative effects are mild in nature and typically come on steadily along with a warming body buzz and a sense of peaceful well-being.

This bud is perfect for treating patients who suffer from depression and chronic pain due to its sedative, calming effects. The dark olive green nugs are decked in orange hairs and caked with bright trichomes, making Sweet Deep Grapefruit just as delicious as it looks! Because of its fruity taste, mellow effects, and mild THC level, this strain is an ideal choice for new patients.

But don’t let that deter you from having a taste of Sweet Deep Grapefruit if you’re a seasoned user!

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Sweet Deep Grapefruit appeals to lovers of unique Indica-leaning strains. After all, the hybrid does belong in that category. Rather than being compact, its towering height of 10 feet fools many into believing that the herb is actually Sativa dominant. Of course, once its smoke is drawn in and the intense body high begins, the no room for doubt of its abilities disappear.

In crafting such an excellent strain, Dinafem used only two of the world’s best. The first one being Grapefruit, a hybrid known for its delicious flavor, high yields, and mold and cold resistant genes. Blueberry was later added to the mix to intensify its powerful Indica effects and enhance its medicinal value.

Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a slow starter with a buildable high. At 12% to 19% THC, users can easily adjust their pace and consumption to suit their level of experience. Still, caution must be exercised. As alluded to earlier, the strain has an onset that does not start until a few minutes later.

The initial effects itself are quite subtle. In fact, only a select few feel the gradual psychedelic high that swarms the user with a rush of euphoria. As it reaches the deepest recesses of the mind, its natural mood enhancing effects leave people feeling happy from within.

For convenience’s sake, users may want to prepare some snacks nearby before the body high begins. With the mental stimulation encouraging a big appetite, some may find themselves hunting for their favorite food once the cravings begin.

In time, the uplifting buzz washes over the body through and through beginning from the temples. Its intensity is obvious in its deeply relaxing effects. In all certainty, users end up glued to their couches. And, as they sink even deeper, some eventually fall asleep.

For this reason, it is best to smoke the bud at night either right before dinner or bedtime to end the day on a good note. Used in the morning, it can cause users to feel a little lazy and lethargic throughout the day.

Sweet Deep Grapefruit smells like a basket of fruits. It combines the aroma of grapefruit and blueberry as well as other citric undertones. Enhancing its scent are undertones of sandalwood that become apparent once the buds are ground.

When its smooth smoke is drawn in, a sweet fruit cocktail washes over the mouth along with a tinge of sourness. On the exhale, a blend of berries and grapes leave a lingering aftertaste on the palate even after the last puff.

Stress is a common problem that affects everyone but, in chronic levels, it can drastically reduce the quality of lives of those who suffer from it. Some even end up in the emergency due to heart and breathing problems or deal with the hastened onset of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. As such, people must take time to destress and relax.

A natural mood-enhancer, Sweet Deep Grapefruit works perfectly in managing stress and depression. Its head high temporarily stabilizes turbulent emotions and calms the fast-paced thoughts of an anxious mind. At the same time, its happy high also encourages self-confidence.

One of the best times to use the strain is right before a meal. After all, the same psychoactive compounds also stimulate a hearty appetite even in those undergoing chemotherapy or diagnosed with anorexia.
Sleep is an important step in the regenerative process. Adequate amount of rest can keep mental conditions in check while helping users deal with their physical pain. Sweet Deep Grapefruit’s sedating effects make it an excellent sleep aid.

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