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Wedding Cake, sometimes known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake is a strain that leans on some very popular genetics to yield an even balance of effects and flavors. The high can be powerful yet smooth while its taste may vary depending on the phenotype but don’t expect traditional nuptial desserts like vanilla cake with pink frosting. Popular as both a recreational and medical marijuana, Wedding Cake has the tangy taste of creaminess with just enough sour to make it unique.

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Wedding Cake is a strain of cannabis with large, colorful flowers. The chunky globular nuggets adhere in indica-typical bud structure that curls tightly around its leaves which are an earthy green to brown color threaded through by orange hairs meant for catching pollen from fertilizing male plants. A high concentration of trichomes gives this product both high levels THC as well as an interesting sticky texture due largely to the fact it contains Linalool Pinene essential oils among other things!  Wedding Cake’s buds are as aromatically striking as they are visually impressive. When properly cured, they smell vegetal: damp and mossy with just a hint of citrus. Hanging out underneath is an earthy skunky funk that betrays the influence of grandparent strain OG Kush while breaking up or grinding buds give off notes reminiscent of spicy sandalwood when combusted into smoke. Wedding Cake is harsh on smokers’ sinuses or throats due to its acrid nature; some might compare their taste sweet rich exhale which has super subtle creamy mouthfeel like cake-like substances similar tastes one would find in wedding cakes. 

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