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To this day and age, the Jamaican strains continue to be an integral part of their homeland’s traditional medical purposes. Abundant in the tropical paradise it originated from many herb hunters have since introduced them outside into other cultures around world for various uses such as healing or recreation purpose but most importantly religious significance that they are seen often being carried out by followers who are seeking spiritual guidance during periods where there may otherwise seem no way out with life’s little trials- which gives credence why these sacred plants hold so much cultural importance among those practicing religion today even if you’re not one yourself!

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About Jamaican Weed

Landrace strains are very stable and reliable. Despite being around for more than a millennia, their chemical profiles remain unchanged. Not only that, they are extremely potent too. Such is the case of the Jamaican varieties and their premium Sativa effects.

History of Jamaican Weed

To this day and age, the Jamaican strains continue to be an integral part of their homeland’s traditional medical and religious purposes. Abundant in the tropical paradise, many herb hunters have since introduced it to the rest of the world. Today, it has become the originators of powerful herbs like Laughing Buddha, Jamaican OG, and the extremely rare Lamb’s Breath.

Pure Sativa Cannabis

As a pure Sativa, the mental effects of the indigenous Jamaican strains are outstanding. And, with up to 21% THC, its long-lasting cerebral high can easily be any thrill seeker’s dream. At the onset, it brings users high up in the clouds in a euphoric rush. This leaves users with a sense of happiness welling in inside of them. The uplifting high also clears the mind. In doing so, it promotes creative thinking and free-flowing thoughts.

Effects of Jamaican Landrace Weed

Gradually, a relaxing sensation ebbs down to the body from the temples. Although intense, it does not lead to a debilitating couch lock. Instead, it complements the cerebral stimulation by allowing users to stay focused or go deep in instrospection. That is why this strain is great for daytime use and is what many would consider the perfect ‘wake-and-bake.’

Jamaican landrace strains emit a strong earthy fragrance. Upon closer inspection, a sweetness emerges. In great numbers, an overpowering pungent scent fills the room. When combusted, the buds release a spicy but skunky undertone.

Native Jamaican strains are very delectable. They are generally sweet with overpowering earthy flavors of wood. On the exhale, it leaves a spicy aftertaste on the palate.

How Jamaican Weed Smokes

It must be noted, however, that Jamaican strains produce a very heavy smoke. As such, it can irritate the throat and cause a heavy bout of coughing especially among inexperienced users.

The psychoactive compounds of Jamaican strains are exceptional. At up to 21%, they can easily combine with cannabidiols to alleviate a variety of mental and physical issues. For example, its happiness inducing high provides comfort to those with depression or PTSD. Enhancing moods, it can totally knock out any negativity accumulated during the day or week. Similarly, it can be used as a stress reliever.

The same compounds are also responsible for alleviating physiological discomfort. In soothing away tension in the muscles, it eases fatigue, cramps, and chronic body pain. It may even help those who have injured their brains or spinal cord manage the uncontrollable and constant contraction of their muscles. Deep in relaxation, many tend to doze off upon consuming this natural sleep aid.

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