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Holy Punch is a hard-to-find combination of Clementine and Sour Tangie that smells like a fresh blast of citrus fruit. Like most sativa-dominant strains, Citrus Punch provides an uplifted, cerebral experience, while the 30% indica portion of this strain works to soothe pain and deliver tingles from head to toe.

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Holy Punch is the result of a cross between Church and Grape genetics. This is a 70% indica dominant strain has a sweet aroma and taste with a bit of spice in the background that make a savory smoke for connoisseurs. When smoking time comes, the initial hit gives users a powerful strong indica effect that later changes into a social buzz.

Aside from its high, Holy Punch is said to be good for therapeutic use for users looking to relieve pain and unwind.

The smoke brings a strong indica effect that turns into a very social high later.  Holy Punch has a complex mix of spicy and sweet aromas. It is also a good medicine for pains.


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